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Leaf Laugh Love

Feeling anxious about the climate crisis?
Need a safe space to share your thoughts?
Join our Leaf Love Laugh community!

We’ll get together each month and discuss various climate-related themes. LLL is your safe space to learn and process our thoughts and Earth Emotions with like-minded peers!

If you're a movie buff...

You would love our Film Club where we watch a documentary and deliberate different perspectives.

We’ll watch a 30-40 minutes documentary together and discuss the film. Our facilitators will guide you with question prompts.

If you're more of a bookworm...

Our Book Club may suit you better.

You’ll be given an article pack at least 2 weeks before the session. Our facilitators will guide you with question prompts during the discussion.

But hey, nothing’s stopping you from joining both!

Our meetings are held every month on Discord. You’ll be informed of the exact dates once you’ve signed up.