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Learn & Unlearn

We know sustainability and climate action isn't easy. Certain unsustainable practices are deeply ingrained in our society - it’s hard but crucial to break the mold. Where do we start?

If there was one local resource hub for Malaysian environmentalists, this is it.

We’re making environmentalism accessible to anyone through guides for taking individual and collective action.

This community resource is powered by you, everyday Malaysians. Add your perspective, contribute your voice. Email us at to get started!

Learn about the different ways you can speak up about local environmental issues.

We’re all hungry for systemic change – how do we communicate that effectively?

Not sure how to sort waste or find nearby recycling points? Here’s the main guide you need. 

Approved several times over by the vegan community in Malaysia. Check it out!

A step-by-step guide of implementing daily lifestyle changes. 

Spoiler alert: we all feel eco-anxiety. Here’s what to do with these earth emotions. 

Taking action looks different for everyone, here’s how to find your ikigai. 

When it comes to creating positive impact, age is truly just a number! 

We all know renewable energy rules, but how might it look like in Malaysia? 

What are they? Why should we protect them?

Follow along our YUFE representative’s journey in attending the UNFF18 at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City.